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The Geology of Wine with Zuccardi's Martin Distefano

The geology of wine is important to the wine-maker, but of very little importance to the drinker. Many wine writers who are not geologists have dutifully described the geology associated with particular wine regions without actually stating how the geology is important. ...a lot of what is written about geology in wine books is at best misguided and at worst utterly wrong...(1)

On Tuesday, August 15, geologist Martin Distefano, who has mapped Mendoza's Uco Valley and knows how vines grow differently though they may be only a meter apart, will offer a lecture (and tasting of single vineyard site specific wines from Familia Zuccardi) on the effects of soil on vines and winemaking. 

A nominal fee of $5, refundable with the purchase of wine, will be required to secure your spot. Buy tickets here.