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Square Table Series 2.0: Autumnal/Winter Rosés

The highlight of our spring rosé class (besides the wines!) was when a participant uttered, "Well now I want rosés in the winter too!" YES! YES! On October 17th, we'll talk in-depth about why rosés pair well with heavier fare, how to select them, what makes them so unique when comparing them to summer rosés and much more! 

In the second iteration of our successful Square Table Series, we'll delve into a few more sides of wine, some deeper, some lighter. Henry & Son's Jill Mott will talk through the nuances and myth that are vineyard soils, the brilliance of autumnal (and hibernal, a.k.a. winter) rosés and alternative holiday wines, all by themes requested by popular demand. 

Earlier Event: October 11
Burgundy with Bill Summerville