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We champion winemakers, brewers & distillers who are farmers, gardeners, horsemen & herdsmen; artists, chemists, revolutionaries & philosophers. Some of them are old-school, some are innovators, a few may be weird (and proud of it) but all of them are wonderful.


6:00 pm18:00

Square Table Series: Unfamiliar wines, unfamiliar grapes.

  • Henry & Son

Unfamiliar wines, unfamiliar grapes. New favorites!

Who doesn't love Sauvignon Blanc? Isn't Cabernet Sauvignon a household staple? The world of wine is full of over 4,000 grape varietals - a new favorite is all about popping corks and allowing for discovery!! Be the first to attend our new Square Table Series where we'll unleash some of the most incredible grapes from far off places that may become your newest preferred sipper.