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We champion winemakers, brewers & distillers who are farmers, gardeners, horsemen & herdsmen; artists, chemists, revolutionaries & philosophers. Some of them are old-school, some are innovators, a few may be weird (and proud of it) but all of them are wonderful.


Not all burgundy is created equal.

"Something about Burgundy excites spirituality," writes Matt Kramer in the opening line of Making Sense of Burgundy. But not all Burgundy is created equal. 

With the most desirable Burgundy fetching prices in the thousands and “affordable” Burgundy priced in the hundreds, trial and error can be expensive. That’s why we’ve selected wines from the most capable winemakers to demonstrate the nuances of not only site and vintage but also producer in this place where “man and plant and planet meet.”

On Wednesday, October 11 (from 6-8pm), Bill Summerville will guide us through a tasting of eight Burgundies from the cellar of New France Wine Co. to answer the question, "What are the effects of winemaker, site and vintage (and age)?" This is a rare opportunity to taste wines from illustrious producers such as Jayer-Gilles and Leroy and fabled 1er Cru and Grand Cru sites for just $40 a ticket! (That's less than any of the bottles we'll be tasting!)